Did you know it could easily cost a food business $2000 in up front one time fees before they can get into a commercial kitchen and begin production? 

Did you know that there are multiple programs in Atlanta focused on minority food businesses, but no kitchen for these entrepreneurs to matriculate into? 


 Leav·en | /lev-ən/


1. a substance, typically yeast, that is used in dough to make it rise.


2. a pervasive influence that modifies something or transforms it for the better.

/Levən/ is a collaborative kitchen that allows for both. We are a Department of Agriculture certified kitchen that is acutely aware of the barriers in place for food businesses, especially when it comes to minority entrepreneurs. Although there are hundreds of businesses looking for a kitchen space, we are committed to serving communities of color, specifically Black and Brown communities, and even more specifically the femmes and LGBTQIA+ in those communities, that have been systematically shut out of opportunities of ownership in Atlanta's thriving food culture. 

Our members-first approach brings every facet of running a successful food business within our members' reach. Along with having a commercial kitchen space to create, members will have a place to learn about business planning, financing, smart growth, health and safety, hiring, and even finding and procuring a commercial location if/when they outgrow our space. Our 11,000 sqft facility houses eleven different kitchen stations, communal office space, a classroom/learning kitchen, and ample storage space. 

Our goal is to be cost conscious with our plans, assuring our members get the most bang for their buck.

Our a la carte payment model will go against the traditional archetype of steep up front pricing, minimum monthly rental rates, and yearly contracts. This allows members, no matter where they are in their process, access to the infrastructure and education needed to succeed. From those brand new to the world of food, needing access to a professional kitchen to bring their visions to life; to chefs who have honed their craft, but aren't sure what exactly a balance sheet is, we are here to create an environment of transformation and success. 

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