Traulsen Blast Chiller


To Start a Blast Chill Cycle Using Auto Mode

  • Place hot product into the blast chiller.

  • Insert one of more probes into product.

  • Close the door. The display will begin counting down from 30 and upon time elapsing will commence chilling.

  • OPTIONAL: Prior to cycle start, press any active probe on the display to enter product and user names from a drop down list.

*Refer to training guide for other modes

How to clean:


  • Remove probes by turning the circular locking ring which secures these inside the chiller

  • Wash/sanitize probes. Probes can be totally immersed in water during cleaning.

  • Allow probes to air dry before replacing in chiller.

How to clean:


  • Disconnect power supply.

  • Clean both interior and exterior with a soft cloth as you would any other stainless steel surface.

  • Do NOT use cleansers containing chlorine.

  • Do NOT clean with anything abrasive.

  • Do NOT hose off the blast chiller