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Social Media

Please fill out the form below and submit up to 3 potential social posts we can make on your business' behalf and we'll do our best to incorporate posts about your business into our social feed throughout the year.

NOTE: please tag @leaven_kitchen when you post or share stores that you'd like us to repost or share to our story. We'll do our best to use our social profiles to share/spread the word.


Leaven will follow and favorite the social profiles you  list below. Please tag @leaven_kitchen in posts that you'd like us to interact with or share. We will do our best to interact and share with as many posts as we're able.


Acceptable images are .PNG or .JPG files 1080px minimum width and are photos of product or business and may include a single logo in the center. Images can be in vertical, horizontal, or square in format.



Please only upload video that meets instagram video guidelines. Vertical format is best and can be used for reels. If you add copy or graphics to your video, please do so sparingly. Please be mindful that Leaven will be sharing the video when  including audio.

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Social Post #3

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Thanks for submitting!

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