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Hamilton Beach Vacuum Sealer


  • Plug in and Press On button

  • Run preheating program (Press and hold PROGRAM SELECT for 3 sec until display shows "C", close lid, unit will then run for 15 consecutive 1 minute cycles, lid will open when done and unit will return to standby)

  • Place food in a vacuum-sealing pouch and place into chamber with open end positioned over sealing bar

  • Set program and seal times (see manual)

  • Close lid (do not use retainer)

  • Lid opens automatically when sealing complete


How to clean:


  • Let cool completely 

  • spray cloth with sanitizer spray

  • wipe entire unit with moist cloth

  • DO NOT USE abrasive materials

Compatible Pouches:


In-Chamber 3 Mil

3 mil is the standard thickness for storing, freezing, or boiling food in individual servings or large quantities.

HVCP30608 | HVCP30610 | HVCP30810 HVCP30812 | HVCP31013

In-Chamber 4 Mil

4 mil provides extra protection against tears from bones or sharp foodstuff.

HVCP40610 | HVCP40810 | HVCP40812 HVCP41013

In-Chamber Retherm

Retherm pouches are available in 3 or 4 mil. and feature reinforced corners that help the bags withstand extended exposure to heat for sous vide and extreme temperature changes for boiling.



Vacuum Confirmation 

  • To check quality of vacuum, check tightness of pouch and contents. Check for air leaks and pockets. If you find the contents are not tightly vacuumed, increase vacuum time by 5 seconds and run again

Seal Confirmation

  • A complete seal will appear clear while an incomplete seal will appear bubbly. If incomplete, increase seal time by 0.1 second. If seal appears white, decrease seal time by 0.1 second. After determining proper adjustments, vacuum and seal again.

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