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Benchfoods Dehydrator


Must be positioned 12" from the wall to allow adequate air circulation

Remove the racks and place food on trays as follows:

  • Cut the food into even slices

  • Use on tray for each type of food. Do not cross-contaminate

  • Lay the food in rows on the food tray with at least 1/4" gap in between each slice of food so that each piece does not overlap, allowing for proper air circulation.

  • Each Section includes up to 10 tray spaces

Preheat 5-10 minutes before loading racks

To adjust temp press "Temp" button then arrows to increase/decrease

To adjust timer press "Timer" button then arrows to increase/decrease

Refer to manual for more detailed instructions.

How to clean:

MAKE SURE DEHYDRATOR IS OFF BEFORE CLEANING! (To power off press and hold ■ (square or stop) button)

  1. Clean after each use. Ensure machine is powered down 

  2. Allow to completely cool before cleaning

  3. Remove the racks before cleaning the cabinet

  4. Wipe the cabinet inside and out with a damp washcloth or sponge. DO NOT splash water on the heating element (located behind mesh in rear of machine) as it may damage the electrical components and increase the risk of electrical shock. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER

  5. Clean the racks with warm, soapy water; rinse with clean water and dry immediately. Racks are dishwasher-safe.

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