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Why choose /Levən/?

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Inclusiveness and intersectionality

Our mission is to remove the hurdles that often stop burgeoining food entrepreneurs from being able to scale their business. Focusing on the needs of marginalized groups often left out of our food industry for no other reason but lack of resources (and access to them), we have intentionally created a space that prioritizes  community over profit. 

Part of that prioritization includes Leaven's dedication to being a safe space for all of our members. The comfort and safety of our femme, LGBTQIA+ and members of color dictate the layout of our space, the configuration of our team, and all of our processes. 

A One Stop Shop

We have six different station layouts to best fit your needs. Along with our kitchen, we have ample dry storage, co-working office space, and bathrooms with lockers and showers so members can take extra steps to protect each other against Covid. 

Our classroom / learning kitchen will be used for food safety classes and other programming that our members can take part in such as business planning and launch assistance, product services, marketing, product development, and legal/financial advising.


This space can also be rented out for photo shoots, YouTube videos, cooking classes, pop up events, community dinners, and product tasting.  

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Our goal is to be completely open and honest with our members and for our members to be open with us. We want businesses to have the information to make the best decisions for themselves and their business. This includes upfront pricing, open communication, and any other resources you need at your finger tips.


The only way we can all succeed is if we all work together. We have worked extensively on our values, culture, communication agreements, and our handbook, all of which will be integral for a number of businesses to work together in one space.  

We will give you all the necessary information you need to be a successful member of our kitchen, including on-boarding, reference materials, and all the appropriate logs for you to keep your business and our facility in compliance. 

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