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Frequently asked questions

What is required to join Leaven Kitchen?

- A valid business license - A Department of Agriculture License (we can assist you to obtain your license) - Insurance Certificate (COI), Leaven must be listed as a certificate holder - ServSafe Certification - Manager's Certificate offered at Leaven go to for more information and to schedule a class

What are your monthly membership fees?

- $50 monthly administration fee - Storage Fees if necessary range from $15/month to $225 month - Kitchen Use Fees are a la carte and are based solely on kitchen use

What does it cost to use the kitchen?

Our pricing is as follows: Monthy Fees: $50 Admin Fee, storage fees will be based on what you need (pricing below) Initial Fees: $100 Onboarding/person Consulting Fees: Vary based on need, Leaven covers the first 30 minutes with our wonderful consultant Lauren Carey after which there is a charge of $100/hour Dry Storage 2000 sq ft storage room Space for equipment, your own shelving, shelf space, locking cages, and pallet space available. Single Large Shelf space - $15 a month 2x4 ft space - $20 a month 4x4 ft space - $40 a month Locking Cages - $25 a month (added to 2x4 space, total: $45) Walk-In Freezer Storage 300 sqft Option of shelving, speed racks, and locking cages for storage Shelving - $40 a month 2x2 space (speed rack size) - $100 a month Locking Cages - (2x4 ft) - $225 a month Walk-In Cooler Storage (plant based or ready to eat products only) 150 sqft Option of shelving and speed racks If you need an entire locking cage of refrigeration, you can have the option of a door in a reach in. Shelving - $40 a month 2x2 space (speed rack size) - $100 a month (limited space available) Reach-In Refrigerator Storage (Meat Friendly) Individual shelf - $25/month Kitchen Stations Large packaging station 72 inch table and 96 inch table Plug access for any heat sealers Access to 2 door Freezer $13 an hour Normal Prep/packaging stations 72 inch table Plug access for any heat sealers $10 an hour Micro baking station 36 inch table Commercial Vulcan Oven $13 an hour Large baking station A Two 72 inch tables Sheet pan deep Vulcan Oven Six top burner $20 an hour Large baking station B Two 72 inch tables Two sheet pan deep Vulcan ovens Easy access to the 60qt mixer $20 an hour Small Baking station A&B 72 inch table Six burner stove with oven Double Vulcan ovens $17 an hour Total Kitchen Stations A&B Single Vulcan Oven Six burner stove with oven Charbroiler Access to a tilt skillet $25 an hourT Total Kitchen Stations A&B Single Vulcan Oven Six burner stove with oven Flat top griddle Access to a tilt skillet $25 an hour Jams/Jellies/Beverages Prep tables Steam dishwasher to use for sterilization, canning, sealing, etc Access to a steam kettle The sprayer has a filtration system $20 an hour

What equipment do you have in your kitchen for members to use?

60 Qt Mixers Dough Hook Specialty Mixer 20 Qt Mixers High Capacity Dehydrators Immersion Blender Vitamix Blenders Robot Coupe Food Processors Blast Chiller Vacuum Sealer Dough Press Dough Sheeter Members are able to use their own NSF certified equipment as well.

Who can join Leaven Kitchen?

Leaven is certified for the Department of Agriculture, so you would have to be producing food that would be packaged and sold wholesale or retail. Think prepared meals that your customers would just warm up at home, beverages, baked goods. **Please note that we are currently not able to accept caterers or food trucks in our current space since those are only permitted at a Dept of Health kitchen.**

Are you currently accepting new members?

Yes. Please fill out our contact form with your business information including what you produce, your process, and how many hours you'll need to use the kitchen on a monthly basis.

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