As we strive to transform Atlanta's food community we sought to create a space where our members' products could be featured and offer an other avenue for members to be able to sell their items through partnerships with Atlanta brick and mortar businesses.  In keeping with our mission we have created Delivered: by Leaven. This logistical aspect of Leaven will continue to help our members' businesses grow and thrive, while also helping those with a passion for logistics grow their own businesses.

We're so excited to see how the landscape of Atlanta's food community changes with our initiatives. 

Currently we are only delivering for members who use our kitchen, however, we hope to be able to open up this program to members of other commissary kitchens to help them scale their businesses as well. We have launched with a mix of bakers, beverage producers, and offer vegan options as well. Check out our member partners below and feel free to visit their product page if you'd like more information or to purchase their items to offer to your customers!