We are taking COVID-19 as seriously as it is.


Here are the measures we've created to keep our members safe. 


For the entire building

Installed new HVAC that does not recycle air

Installed new vents and filters for HVAC

Replaced all floors outside the kitchen with antimicrobial rubber.

All ceiling tiles replaced

New LED lights

Open air office space for members to use

Five sinks outside of the kitchen area, including one at the front door. All sinks are equipped with soap, hand sanitizer, and paper towel holders that only allow one paper towel to be pulled at a time


Kitchen Space

Deep cleaned and sanitized kitchen floors & walls. This will be done by a professional crew and includes sanitation specifically for COVID-19.

Repainting and replacement of walls.  

All new equipment & including walk-in and freezer.



The cages are made of antimicrobial steel and the shelves lift out to go through the dishwasher for spills. No rust, no screws and lockage storage.


As for operations, we have pulled all of the best practices from the CDC and other organizations that are on the forefront of research with how the virus spreads. 


This includes taking temp of every person who enters the building, frequent hand washing, mandatory mask usage, thorough cleaning of the building every night, rags washed and sanitized by Cintas, mopheads switched out everyday and separate mopheads for the kitchen vs. the rest of the building, and more. 

Leaven: A Collaborative Kitchen and Resource Center

215 Laredo Drive

Suite #100

Decatur, Ga 30030


(404) 946-5864

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