All of the following options have access to walk-in coolers and freezers. 


Specific pieces of equipment can be reserved via Food Corridor when time slots are reserved. 

Pricing listed are for peak hours. To continue our effort to be an affordable space, we are enacting a 20% discount for non-peak hours.


You will also have the option to rent multiple stations. For example, if you only need to bake for two hours, but will need to cool and wrap your products for another two, you can rent a small baker station for two and a prep station for two hours. 

We have twelve stations currently available for rent: 


The prep/packaging stations (3) $10 an hour

  • 72 inch prep table with ample outlets for any equipment you need.


The micro baker stations (1) $13 an hour

  • Two 36 prep tables, single stack oven, and access to sinks, dishwasher, walk-in freezer and cooler. 


Small baker stations (2) $17 an hour

  • One 72 inch prep table, six burner stove, double stack ovens, and access to sinks, dishwasher, walk-in freezer and cooler. 

Large baker station A $20 an hour

  • Two prep tables, four burner stove, rack oven, easy access to 60 qt mixer, and access to sinks, dishwasher, walk in freezer and cooler

Large baker station B $20 an hour

  • Two 72 in prep tables, two rack ovens, easy access to a 60qt mixer, and access to sinks, dishwasher, walk in freezer and cooler. 

Beverage/ jams/sauce station (2) $20 an hour

  • Two prep tables, steam dishwasher, steam kettle

Total Kitchen station (2) $25 an hour

  • Two prep tables, six burner stove, char, oven, and tilt skillet


Storage will be on a first come, first serve basis. You will be able to rent storage for the month via Food Corridor. You have the option of dry, cool, and/or freezer storage. 

You can bring in your own shelving or rent one of our anti-microbial locking rolling cages for $25 a month. 

Dry storage: 1/2 size locker is $10 a month, a shelf is $15, and 2 ft x 4 ft is $20

A shelf in our walk-ins are $40 a month

2 ft x 2ft space (speed rack size) in our walk-ins is $100 a month

There will be a very limited amount of private cooler spaces that can be rented for $125 a month 

Additional fees

Upfront costs are dependent on your needs from us. 

On-boarding only - our on-boarding class is $100 per person and must be taken by the person in charge and any other team member who will be in the space ten hours or more a week

ServSafe manager certification - due to Covid, members who are not already certified will need to complete their Servsafe training and certification online. Find more information at

Getting you legal - Our consultant Lauren Carey will take a look at what you need to be properly certified with the Department of Agriculture and will hold your hand through the process. Depending on where you are in your business, this could be a simple fifteen minute conversation to make sure all of your ducks are in a row, or this may be your first introduction to the Department of Agriculture and you may need to work with Lauren more intimately.


Working with Lauren will be $100 an hour after the initial free 30 minute consultation.


*Please note that obtaining your actual Department of Agriculture license may cost you $100-$500 depending on what you're producing. This fee will be paid directly by you to Department of Agriculture for your licensing, and is not included in your consulting costs with Lauren. 

Administration fee - there is a $25 a month admin fee for each business

We'll be using Food Corridor for all scheduling, payments, and important documents. They use Stripe to process monthly payments and there are fees associated. If you choose use a credit card for your automatic payment, it will be 4%. If you use ACH it will be 2%.